Organizations That Help In Ethiopia The droughts in Ethiopia have wreaked havoc on the county. Two thirds of the people are living in poverty and are in desperate need of […]

The Wharf is being developed by Madison Marquette, a real estate investment management and operating company known for investing in trendy neighborhoods and creating creative mixed-use areas. Amer Hammour, Chairman of Madison Marquette, stated the company is “delighted to welcome Mi Vida” and that with the design firm Knead Hospitality + Design’s touch, “Mi Vida will be yet one more unique and vibrant restaurant destination at The Wharf.”

His first move was to begin advising for Riverstone Holdings in 2014 – as oil dropped from $50 a barrel to $25 a barrel. It kept him satisfied for a time, but soon advising wasn’t enough for him. His colleagues in Riverstone Holdings, including Pierre Lapeyre and David Leuschen thought he could start another EOG – repeat his success – but he noted that that kind of success is once in a life time. Many would have to agree.

Ox Pasture is owned and operated by Gena Burghoff and chef Chris Lockhart, a couple who are no strangers to the restaurant biz. The ideas for the restaurant was conceived by David Leuschen and his wife. They started off with a farm to table food truck called Local Yokel and have worked all over the country, including New York, Los Angeles, Philadelphia, and Cody, Wyoming.

For many years, trans-fats were one of the dirty little secrets of food manufacturers and restaurants. The secret was that trans-fats had been proven to clog arteries and cause heart […]

As a chocolate lover, there are many different types of cook books out there, but what better way to indulge your chocolate craving than to use a recipe from a […]