Islamic Relief (IRUSA): This organization helps humanitarian relief around the world. It helps people regardless of their race or religious affiliation. They offer refugee relief in 30 countries for those that need the aid. They also handle disaster relief in emergency cases. They can be reached at:

Organizations that Help With Food Services

SourceAmerica is one such company. They boast over 40 years of experience in creating commercial food service solutions that range from accounting and budget support to managing quality assurance processes. SourceAmerica is committed to advocating for equal opportunities within the disability community, and seek to ensure that these often marginalized individuals can enjoy satisfying careers.

Islamic Relief originally started helping the people of Ethiopia when the severity of the droughts that occurred in 2000, 2001, 2002, 2016 and 2017 caused mass destruction to the country. After numerous years of supplying basic necessities and emergency relief to the Ethiopian people Islamic Relief Ethiopia was founded in January of 2004.

The relief teams sent by Islamic Relief have started long term projects for improvements in water, sanitation, health care and education. Several of their projects focus on achieving food security and livelihood for the people in need. When Ethiopia had a food crisis, Islamic Relief was there.

The Wharf is being developed by Madison Marquette, a real estate investment management and operating company known for investing in trendy neighborhoods and creating creative mixed-use areas. Amer Hammour, Chairman of Madison Marquette, stated the company is “delighted to welcome Mi Vida” and that with the design firm Knead Hospitality + Design’s touch, “Mi Vida will be yet one more unique and vibrant restaurant destination at The Wharf.”

His first move was to begin advising for Riverstone Holdings in 2014 – as oil dropped from $50 a barrel to $25 a barrel. It kept him satisfied for a time, but soon advising wasn’t enough for him. His colleagues in Riverstone Holdings, including Pierre Lapeyre and David Leuschen thought he could start another EOG – repeat his success – but he noted that that kind of success is once in a life time. Many would have to agree.

Ox Pasture is owned and operated by Gena Burghoff and chef Chris Lockhart, a couple who are no strangers to the restaurant biz. The ideas for the restaurant was conceived by David Leuschen and his wife. They started off with a farm to table food truck called Local Yokel and have worked all over the country, including New York, Los Angeles, Philadelphia, and Cody, Wyoming.