Healthy Meal Replacement Drinks that Actually Taste Good

It is a simple concept, to replace a high-calorie meal at breakfast, lunch or dinner with a drink that is high in nutrients and vitamins in order to lose weight. However, there are a lot of other advantages that you can get as well. Besides satisfying your basic hunger these drinks also provide a significant boost in energy and allow you to stay active and motivated. The even better news is that there is no need for these meal replacement drinks to taste bad. Here are a few that not only supply the power and weight loss but taste good too!

GNC Total Lean™ Lean Shake™ 25 – Rich Chocolate
This shake option by GNC provides a great way to control your portions and replace a meal with this delicious chocolate drink. Not only is this option delicious but it also is effective in managing weight loss and providing energy. Combine two of these shakes a day with a reasonable diet of controlled calories and you will create a healthy lifestyle. There are 25 grams of high-quality protein in every shake and that will diminish any feelings of hunger that you might have.

Mannatech’s GlycoSlim® Chocolate Meal Replacement Drink
Another great option is presented here from Mannatech ( This is another delicious chocolate flavored drink that will make replacing meals an easy chore. All of the vitamins, fiber, and nutrients that a person needs are presented in this natural gluten free drink. It is suitable for vegetarians but delicious enough for everyone. This drink is different because it provides non-GMO low-glycemic carbohydrates. These are the active ingredients that work to allow you to feel full and also provide beneficial fats needed to maintain your overall health.

Medifast Dutch Chocolate Shake
The final choice for tasty meal replacement drinks comes from Medifast ( This is a delicious chocolate protein drink that is optimal for weight loss. There are 14 grams of protein in each drink. This will be enough to take the place of a meal and provide you with the nutrients and the energy to remain vital in your job and to work out on that day as well. Protein is vital to building muscle and reducing fat. This is just the perfect combination of fiber, vitamins and protein that can be enjoyed as a normal shake or even an icy creation. Some people have blended this with fruit and had excellent results. This is definitely one of the most delicious choices that you will find.

These are a few of our favorite meal replacement drinks that can be used as part of a delicious weight loss plan and allow for a healthier lifestyle as well.