Kids and sugar

Why is it that when a kid cries, we try to hush them up with a lollypop? Why can’t we break this cycle? We know it’s bad. Right? Sugar becomes an addiction. If you eat it your whole life and try to stop, your body will throw a fit. An addiction is something that you have trained your brain to need. Trying to go without it feels horrible. So basically, your making your kids brain need sugar. You’re getting your kids addicted. We as parents have to be the ones to stop this. We know how hard it is to stop an addiction, so why get our kids addicted to sugar. I think every once in a while is fine, but most kids have sugar every day. I am guilty of this myself. It’s so hard to tell your child no, you can’t have that. It’s so hard to see them through a fit FOREVER. I know. It’s so much easier to hand them that lollypop, or ice cream for that sweet moment of silence, but it’s the easy way out. Diabetes in kids is rising. It’s sad. We have to change.

Hidden sugar

Ok, fine. I don’t want to give my kids sugar, so I’ll give them pretzels. Seems healthy right? Well the carbohydrates in the pretzels turn into sugar. Well, I’ll give them some low fat yogurt. Be careful with low fat foods, because most of the time, they use extra sugar to make the product taste good. Ok, then I’ll give them chicken nuggets. SO you give your child chicken nuggets and all of a sudden, your kids yell, MOM, I NEED KETCHUP. You check the label. wow that’s a lot of sugar. Sugar is hidden in everything. If you truly want to watch your sugar intake, read your labels guys. If you don’t want to read your labels then I suggest you stick to natural, unprocessed foods and proteins. If you think wheat bread is safe, 2 slices of wheat bread turn into about one candy bar worth of sugar in your body. The food industry wants us to keep buying their products so they want us addicted and sugar is an addiction.

Sugar is a drug.

Sugar addiction is as bad as crack addiction in the brain. Margaret Hamburg, in a recent Freakonomics podcast, gives her take on sugar and American health.  So it’s up to us to make sure our kids don’t have as much access to sugar as they do now. I personally do not want my kids running around like a drug addict, searching for sugar. This is a war. It’s a battle and we have to fight.

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