Three Travelling Tips for Foodies Visiting Brooklyn

Once, it was commonly believed that if you wanted good food in New York City then you had to go to Manhattan. Now, however, the borough of Brooklyn is establishing a culinary identity of its own. Foodies worldwide know that if you want to take a peek at the future of food culture while you’re in New York City, Brooklyn is the place to do it.

The only problem with the Brooklyn food scene is that it could take you months to try everything there is worth trying. As the average vacation only lasts a few days, most visiting foodies simply don’t have the time to taste everything that’s worth tasting in Brooklyn.

Rather than fret about the meals you missed on your next trip to Brooklyn, consider consulting these tips designed to help you maximize your meal time.

1. Ask Yourself What Kind of Food You Want To Eat Before You Arrive

There should be nothing more simple than answering the question “What would you like to eat?” but the sheer number of options the Brooklyn food scene has to offer makes this simple question incredibly difficult for many visitors.

What you need is a plan of attack. While you may not be able to map out every possible place you want to eat at, you can greatly improve your experience by simply asking what types of meals you would like to have most before you arrive. By simply narrowing down your wish list to a few different types of meals, you’ll be able to make sure you hit the places you crave most.

2. Consider Taking A Food Tour

The growth of the Brooklyn food scene has not only lead to a shocking number of incredible new restaurants but is also responsible for the expanded number of services intended to help visitors see it all.

From tours that let you eat fresh made chocolate right at the factory ( to guides who know where the best bar food is, there is an endless amount of tour options out there that will let you take the guesswork out of your restaurant selections.

3. Follow The Locals

Brooklyn locals don’t just love to eat food, they also love to talk about it and hunt down that next great spot. As such, often times the best thing to do is simply ask a local Brooklyn foodie where to eat, or see where they go.

If you’re shy about asking or snooping random residents, try to ask the employees at the hotel you are at or, even better, the staff of most bars and restaurants that will be happy to tell you about their favorite spots.